Is there anything that Kim Kardashian West cannot do? Well apart from having no real raw talent (no shade on Kimmy) there is not much that Kim Kardashian West cannot do. From reality shows to fashion and now she has even conquered the technology world. All five Kardashian/Jenner’s now even have their own individual apps allowing them to post exclusive content to their extremely large fan base. Unfortunately these apps come with a price tag however their fairly priced considering that the Kardashian/Jenner girls are actually putting in some work into it. 

Shamefully I have to admit that I am big fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians so although I’m not bothered about their own individual apps and their exclusive I am a lover of technology and all that comes with it so when Kim announced that she is releasing a new app called Kimoji I was already sold with the thought of Kardashian emoji’s. 

Why wouldn't you want the app? It comes along with Kardashian like emoji’s. It’s everything your current emoji keyboard does not already have. Imagine all the hours of fun texting you can have sending Kimoji’s to your friends. Well let me tell you why you would not want it but first let’s take a look at the basics.


 The Kimoji app like the other Kardashian/Jenner apps comes along with a price tag and is priced at £1.49 (no surprises there). The app comes along with a set of clear instructions to guide you through enabling the Kimoji keyboard and how you use it. You can also check the update you have installed for the keyboard straight from the app. 

Let’s take a look at the actual keyboard. 

The Kimoji keyboard comes along with four tabs:

  • Favourites: This is where you would find the Kimoji’s that you’ve recently used/the ones you mostly use.
  • Kimoji: The Kimoji tabs comes with 10 tabs of Kimoji’s. There is so many to choose from pregnant Kim to a flying pig.

  • Stickers: Stickers are like an exaggerated version of some of Kimoji’s. You won’t find all of the Kimoji’s under stickers as it only come along with 4 tabs of stickers and their all mostly of Kim.

  • Standard Keyboard

So how do we actually send someone a Kimoji.

The functionality to actually sending a Kimoji is actually a copy and paste process. So what really happens when you select the Kimoji you want to use it actually copies it where then later you will have to manually paste into the typing space. 

So you finally managed to paste the Kimoji into the typing space and now you are ready to send. Once you’ve sent it to all your friends you then realise that what you’ve just done is actually sent an image. You’ve just sent a animated image of Kim. You’ve sent an attachment. An attachment that is not only going to take up the memory space on your phone but also on the recipient’s phone. You can imagine how annoying this can get if you are sending Kimoji’s back and forth…you’ll end up with nothing but animated images of Kim in your gallery. In other words you could have just googled these images and saved them into your gallery and sent them out as an image...just like the actually Kimoji app but it would cost you nothing. 

Kimoji is also not compatible with every application. You can easily attach these images to emails, iMessages and whatsapp (basically any app that allows you to send across images) however if you’re planning to use them in your snapchat captions...forget it.

The Kimoji app is completely not worth the money or even the precious memory on your phone. If you really want to use Kimoji’s go ahead and find them on Google. Although this app would be great if they could only just actually use the current image attachment process to actual emojis. I will sit tight for that update.

What are your thoughts on Kimoji? Would you actually purchase the app? 

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