It’s fair to say I am a lush fanatic. Couple of days ago I was gifted more bath bombs and I was over the moon. Part of the gift came along the Frozen bath bomb which was one of the bath bombs on the list as part of my next purchase from Lush. I’ve never used this bath bomb before and I was really excited to see what would happen when I dropped this little guy in water.

If Frozen were to be captured into a bath bomb then Lush got it right. The Frozen bath bomb retails at the price of £3.95 each and it has a gorgeous light citrus fragrance to it. As soon as the bath bomb hits the water it immediately starts fizzing away as it splurges a beautiful light and dark blue into the water. The dark blue coming off the middle of the bath bomb foams out leaving trails in the bath tub. Soon after all that foam is finished fizzing out the bath bomb will break off and you will end up with what looks a whole new universe in a bath bomb. The bath bomb will turn your bath water into a mesmerizing experience filled with a sweet citrus aroma alongside a huge splash of sparkle. 

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