Father Christmas


If you are following me around on social media you would already know by the various posts I uploaded that I have become a little bit obsessed with the Lush bath bombs. If you would like to see some of the videos then please hop over to my Instagram page:

I have been loving all of Lush’s bath bombs from their recent Christmas range. From the Golden Wonder to the Father Christmas bath bomb they have all smelt so gorgeous and it’s always been a pleasant surprise to watch them fizzle out in the water.

The Father Christmas bath bomb I grabbed during the Lush sale and I have never used this bath bomb before. The bath bomb smells a little bit like Lush’s snow fairy. The bath bomb immediately started fizzing away as soon as it hit the water and burst from white to a palish pink before it burst out a gorgeous green that turned the bath water a beautiful emerald green colour. The scent was absolutely gorgeous and it left my skin feeling soft. 

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