Enough is enough! I have no idea what is going on with my skin these days and it’s just one problem after another. If it’s not a new blemish then its dry skin and if it is not dry skin then it probably enlarged pores and oily t-zones. It’s fair to say everything that I had been using previously was just no longer working on my skin. I decided it was time for something new & something better. 

The Sunday Riley Good Genes serum is one of those expensive products that most bloggers rave about. I never really thought of purchasing it for myself because it's not the most budget friendly however at this point I was so fed I was willing to try anything.



I purchased the Good Genes serum (30ml) from for £85.00 and received it the next day. From the moment I got my hands on this I have not stopped using it since.

Product Claims

Sunday Riley Good Genes claims to brighten, exfoliate, plump lines, even hyper pigmentation, and increases circulation for instant radiance. The serum can be used daily as a leave on serum or as a mask. 

Previous Reviews

Before I purchased this product I had already seen a ton of vlogs and read a ton of blogs based on the product. Some bloggers loved it and others were not so keen on it. Some of the key things that had me worried about the product since reading some of the reviews were:
  • “It smells like…bark”
  • “It’s really not for sensitive skin”
  •  “I wish I had not used this, this broke me out bad”

From what it sounded like most bloggers hated the smell of it and did not recommend it for sensitive skin and some even gained more spots from it. I was certainly worried at this stage as I also have sensitive skin and I do not need more spots then I already have!


Since I have had the Sunday Riley Good Genes serum I have used it on a daily basis after cleansing whether it’s during my morning or night time routine, this product fits my skin all day round. 


It’s a lightweight serum which smells like what reminds me to be something like LEMONGRASS which would make sense as it does contain lemongrass as one of it's key ingredients. I don’t mind the fragrance especially when it does good for the skin. It instantly hydrates the skin and leaves the skin looking radiant.


After using this serum only one time I felt and noticed a huge pleasing difference. I have mildly sensitive skin so in terms of stinging sensation I never felt any apart from a little tingly sensation on areas where there may have been some open pores or blemishes. I have also been blessed with acne prone skin and I have not had any breakouts as of yet. My skin feels incredibly smooth and thankfully those pores of mine are looking visibly smaller and refined. The following day I found that my complexion was on the mend. It felt like someone had turned back time 10 years, I felt like somewhere somehow my skin was finally coming back to life.

Every time I use this product it only makes my skin better & better. I feel like this product is now the key to my perfect skin. The best part of it is when somehow by a Sunday Riley miracle your skin is looking so damn great and you dab on the tiniest bit of makeup and you get this amazing almost flawless base with minimal effort.

This a 5 star product. Sunday Riley Good Genes is winner for me. 


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  1. I've been lusting over this for a while but was unsure because of the price tag and heard mixed reviews. But after reading your review I might treat myself!
    Lovely blog
    Lisa xx

    1. Hi Lisa, it definetly my holy grail product and a must try! Thanks


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