It's fair to say I'm obsessed with Korean cosmetics. If there were to be one place in the world that I could relocate to it would most likely be South Korea just because I spend forever researching Korean cosmetics and my next batch of purchases. It's a pure obsession. 

"Whatever your beauty dilemma, Korea has the answer for it" - @wordsofbeautyx

If there is one thing that I have noticed that is huge in Korea is the craze with facial masks. Skincare is highly important to me and I am all for using everyday ingredients as part of my skincare range. As I was browsing online for facial mask sheets I came across the brand My Beauty Diary which really caught my eye. 

My Beauty Diary do various facial mask sheets each catering to different types of skin types and skin concerns. Since I have combination skin I decided to go with a box of 10 Apple Polyphenol Masks sheets which is intended for oily skin types and pore related concerns. The mask aims to visibly minimize the appearance of pores whilst also hydrating the skin at the same time to ensure that a balance within the skin is met.


When I first used this product I had concerns that it would cause the other parts of my skin where it's not oily to become excessively dry but I really wanted to give it a try because of my oily tzones and my enlarged pores were becoming a real problem for me.

After cleansing my face, I placed the sheet mask on my face and left it on for about 25 minutes as I kicked back and relaxed whilst watching one of my favorite movies. The mask like a typical mask sheet is drenched in serum and comes folded with a plastic layer for ease of folding. Also I always think that the part of the mask that is covered with the plastic is the part that is meant to be placed on the that's what I always do. The mask has a pleasant apple scent to it and you instantly feel cooling and refreshing effects as soon as you place it on the skin.


After 25 minutes of the mask sitting on my face I removed the mask and rubbed the serum into my skin and did not wash my face again until later in the evening. I noticed a slight difference in my complexion after the first use where the enlarged pores seemed to be a little bit smaller in size and the rest of my skin felt amazingly soft and looked plumped and moisturized.

In terms of oil control I did not feel like it made a difference to the oil production in my tzones however I have really enjoyed this mask and I received the whole box for a friendly price of £11.00.

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