One of the things that keeps popping up everywhere on every single social media platform I am on is the Hairburst (previously known as Hairvits) supplements which contains a variety of skin and hair loving vitamins. Hairburst caters more to providing the hair with essential vitamins for healthy hair and also hair growth. I've had vitamin supplements previously which catered more towards both skin and hair and I loved them becuase of the impact it had on my complexion and also my hair so I am really excited to be trying out this product and seeing how well it works for me. 


Hairbust are a natural health supplements company which are based in the UK. I have here the one month supply of Hairburst which contains 60 capsules which are to be taken twice daily. Hairbust does not contain any artificial ingredients but rather all natural water soluble vitamins and promises healthier, longer, thicker, shinier and more manageable faster growing hair. Each capsule is quite large which does not bother me so much considering that some of the other vitamins that I like to take are relatively the same size to this. 

Hairburst contains the following vitamins each which play a part on taking care of your hair and which I grabbed of their website (

Hair Growth
Biotin plays a vital role in improving the levels of keratin in your body leading to healthy hair growth. This ingredient is so important, which is why we have higher levels to support your hair growth journey.
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) provides the essential sulphur foundation for a strong building block for your hair, it also has been shown to lengthen the growing phase of your hair. A longer growing phase (before resting and shedding) means longer hair.
Collagen is a type of protein which helps battle against dryness and brittleness of hair. Vitamin C helps with the formulation of Collagen in the body, which is also included in our formula (see below)
BCAA’s provide energy and serve as fuel sources for hair cells and also skeletal muscles, this is why many athletes use this supplement!
Silica can help to prevent hair thinning, restore vitality to hair and may even address hair loss. As we get older our body produces lower levels of silica so it is important to supplement our diet with silica for healthy hair.

Hair Health
Selenium can help prevent dandruff and therefore prevent a dry scalp. It also helps utilise foods which contain protein which produce more hair.
Zinc helps keep follicles strong, with low levels of zinc lead to changes in the protein structure of hair follicles leading to weakening of their structural integrity. Our formula makes sure you have sufficient zinc in your system to grow healthy hair.
Hyaluronic Acid provides support, nourishes and hydrates the deep layers of the scalp. The result is healthy lustrous hair and a moisturised scalp. HA is therefore vital for healthy hair.
Calcium can help prevent hair falling out. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium, which is why we also have included Vitamin D in our formula because low calcium.
Folic Acid is important in maintaining the colour of your hair and promoting hair growth.

B Vitamin Complex B vitamins are antioxidants, and we have loads of them; B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. They all play a vital role in healthy hair growth. Including regulating hormones and the immune system. Deficiencies in these vitamins can begin to cause hair loss, which won’t be a problem when you start your hairburst journey :)
Vitamin A is another powerful antioxidant, it is capable of stopping your hair and scalp drying out, therefore leaving a healthy scalp for hair growth.
Vitamin C is loaded with antioxidant properties. When you are not getting enough vitamin C it can lead to dry and splitting hair, which in turn can lead to hair loss.
Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, vitamin D is important in the growing phase of hair. Tests between healthy and unhealthy hair have shown a dramatic difference in vitamin D, which highlights its importance.


The one month supply of Hairburst is priced at a reasonable £24.99 however you can purchase up to 6 months supply at the price of £199.99. Hairburst can be purchased online at

The main concerns that I have with my hair is mostly how dry it is so I am really excited to put this product to the test and see how much of an impact it really has on the condition of my hair so stay tuned to see the results.

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