Miss Manga

Long eyelashes are one of my absolute favorite things ever. Long eyelashes are just so feminine and pretty. I've never been very big on false eyelashes...I can never get them in place properly so I'm more the mascara girl who puts in a little time and a bit of work to get my eyelashes looking really intense like the way I want them too!

My new mascara is none other then the fabulous Miss Manga by Loreal. This is fairly new mascara...so I think so, well I did buy it at a introductory price and I kind of just popped into Superdrug and looked over at every makeup counter and found this Miss Manga mascara at the Loreal counter and I had no idea what I should be expecting from this mascara however I was completely sold by the punky eyelashes that I saw on the display.

First of all if some are not already aware the term manga refers to Japanese comics. Now in these Japanese cartoons the female manga characters usually have long, dark, thick and very punky looking lashes.

Miss Manga

I came straight home and tried this mascara. I was expecting the brush and the bristles to be a little bit bigger however its actually quite thin and small which was actually a great thing as it is easier to apply the mascara to the corner of your eyelashes. The brush features a 360 degree flexible brush to amplify and separate your lashes. 

If your like me and just cannot for the life of you apply false eyelashes properly then this is one for you.

First of all in order to achieve long and defined lashes I would say you do not need more then two applications of this. The mascara is not to wet or to dry, I would say it has more creamy texture to it and it's almost perfection.

Miss Manga

The only negative aspect of this mascara is the part where you actually have to take it off and as it gets quite hard of the lashes it takes a little bit of time and effort to take the mascara completely off or maybe its the products that I've been using to take off my eye makeup that are at fault here however I usually hate the part where I am trying to take it off and it takes ages! 

The mascara is priced at £5.99 and can be purchased from either Boots or Superdrug from within the UK.

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