A double chin can be quite embarrassing! It can not only lower our self-confidence but also our self-esteem. But you don’t need to go all out on expensive treatments just to get rid of your double chin however there are ways of concealing a double chin with the magic of these very tips!

Give your hair a boost

The way you do your hair can make a big difference to your look. I always find that when my hair is flat at the top my head it makes my face come out more hence making my emerging double chin more prominent. Adding a little bit of volume to the top of my head I find takes away the attention from my double chin and make my face look a lot slimmer.

Enhance your eyes

Play with your eyes. Add some eyeliner and apply some mascara. Make them bold and make them sparkle. This is a makeup trick that really works with drawing attention away from your double chin and onto your eyes.

Contour your jawline

Contouring, a technique which started off with the lovely Kim Kardashian took the world by storm. Contouring and highlighting are a matter of sculpting and defining your facial features. Adding contour which is about 2/3 shades darker than your normal skin tone to your jawline (ear to ear) and then blend it down towards your neck make yours jawline look sharper and adds a blur to your double chin.

Show off the neckline

I always find that the higher the collar on my shirt the more my double chin shows up so I always opt for a low cut shirt simply because they don’t emphasize on my double chin issue. This is a really efficient tip which works for both men and women.

Kiss the sky

A little jaw and double chin exercise which you can do whilst lying in bed in order to gain a chiseled chin. Just look up and purse your lips together and hold for about 5 seconds. Admittedly it looks a bit ridiculous however do this for about 10 times before bed and it would definitely be worth it when you start seeing a difference in your chin.


Ah exercise…something which I dread and tend to try my best to avoid. Sometimes some of us have a double chin for a reason and sometimes the best and easiest solution to it is just to work it all off.

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