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Couple of months at the Olympia Beauty Show, I picked up the Cresty Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit in dark brown. I'm not a huge fan on eyebrow kits and tend not to use them on a daily basis, but I do have my Benefit Browzings palette which I absolutely love. The Benefit Browzings palette is my go to palette whenever I feel like doing up my eyebrows. However I seem to be using the Cresty eyebrow kit a lot more recently. The Cresty eyebrow powder is a high quality powder that is semi permanent, plus it's water resistant and budge proof!

Eyebrow Kit 1

The eyebrow kit comes along with the eyebrow powder, a brush which is angled in one end and the other end you could use for blending. The eyebrow kit also comes along with two eyebrow stencils, natural and thin depending on your eyebrow shape and your preference.

Eyebrow Kit 2

I usually reach for the natural eyebrow stencil because my eyebrows are to thick for the thin stencil. I've used the natural stencil in the picture below which is a great stencil which you can use to achieve a natural looking eyebrow shape.

You only get one stencil each, so once you've outlined one eyebrow, you simple flip it over for the other eyebrow. You will get foundation all over the stencil especially when your eyebrows is one of the last things you do up which is what I tend to do is leave it at the end, but you can cleanse the stencil with a makeup remover wipe or even water.

I'm not a huge fan of the brush that comes along in the kit. I find it that the angled brush is quite thick which makes it harder to be able to outline a precise eyebrow shape and the same goes for the blending brush which is on the other end of the brush.

This eyebrow kit is a great product and the colour is highly pigmented and you do not need any wax or brow gel to set it and it will last you all day long without moving out of place or smudging. I purchased this eyebrow kit at a discounted price at the beauty show but I think the retail price for this kit is around £25-£29.

Eyebrow Kit 3

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