Feeling a little bit peckish? To kick off the long and most anticipated bank holiday weekend we kicked it off with a delicious dinner at Brioche Burger followed by some delicious mocktails yesterday evening. It was my first time eating at Brioche Burger and everyone that I know that has eaten there always comes back to say how delicious it was.

I love big fat burgers so I was so excited to eat there.I ordered myself one of the beef burgers which I think was called "The Kings Hand" cooked well alongside side orders of chilli chips and a Margarita mocktail. The burger was incredibly delicious and the side orders of chilli chips which weren't chilly but deliciously juicy but at the same time not tangy. I'm not huge fan of mocktails and try to resit them no matter how good they look because I end up not liking them most of the time however the strawberry Margarita  mocktail was an absolute delight, the strawberry was a little bit overpowering but still enjoyable.  The service there was also at a very excellent standard, the waiting time between ordering the food and to actually getting the food was kept to a very short 10 minute wait for three burgers + sides and mocktails. 

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