Back to work

Are you like the majority of us dreading the thought of waking up as early as sunrise once again on Tuesday morning to return back to work? Here's a little guide to make sure your all set for your first day back: 

Back-To-Work Excitement

Just like children returning back to school excited just because they want to wear their new backpacks or whatever it is. Take some time out to do some self reflection before you go back to work and think about the things that you are looking forward to at work whether its working on a new project or maybe it's even seeing some of your good old colleague pals again.


There's nothing more worse then the morning rush and being late at the same time. Prepare small things in advance such as if your planing to take public transport into work make sure you have your travel card set, pack your lunch the night before and have your outfit ironed and laid out.


Get to bed early! After spending the nights awake and the days asleep this might seem impossible however it's vital you get as much rest as you can as possible. Do a little exercise and have a long soak before bed to relax your body. 


It's tempting to pull a sicky on your first day back however you must remember that your attendance is important. Try and get into the office a little bit earlier to give yourself some time to sip on some coffee and prepare yourself mentally for the day ahead. 


Feeling really blue about the long weekend being over? Then plan your next weekend or vacation away!

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